Albertsons Corporate

  • KeHE Audits Back to 9/2015-11/2017
    • Albertsons recently engaged in an audit of transactions between Impact Group, KeHE Distributions, and their company.
    • They are working on rectify the discrepancies identified for past transactions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • General Merchandise Insert (GMI)
    • 26 Corporate Inserts for GMIs in 2018
      • $27,000 per box
    • Looking at 40-52 GMIS for 2019
  • Premium Store Conversions
    • 600 stores to convert to Premium Format with NOSHE and GM/HBC integrated
    • Divisions to decide which stores to convert
  • Price Impact Stores
    • Currently 2 stores in SLC and eventually there will be 200
      • Run separate from Albertsons/SW Banner
        • Will have their own Division in Demand Tec
      • 100 by the end of 2018 that will operate under the Lucky Banner
      • Looking for lowest cost for an everyday retail to be at par with Walmart
  • Warehouse/Store Conversions
    • Acme/Shaw’s
      • Shaw’s to convert in February 2018
      • Acme to convert in April/May 2018
      • Acme/Shaw’s to become part of the Corporate promo sometime in 2019
      • Albertsons will take control of the Lancaster DC that supplies Acme/Shaw’s in 2019. Currently operated by SV
    • Jewel
      • Jewel to convert in April 2018
    • Sundries
      • By end of January 2018, SSW Seattle stores that source from CPS will begin sourcing from Sundries to exclude Spokane
      • Portland sourcing by end of February
      • By end of Q-1 2018, all GM/HBC product sourced from Auburn for Seattle & Portland SW Stores will be sourced out of Sundries
    • Southwest
      • March 2018, anything sourced out of Tempe wll shift to Brea for GM. Grocery will shift to Tollefson and Tempe will close
      • March 2018 CPS sourcing will transition to Ponca. 20 stores per week
      • 2018 the SW stores that source from Ponca will shift to Brea. Date TBD
    • Ponca
      • Convert to in-house system October 2018

Albertsons/SW Seattle

  • Raising Retails
  • 80% passthrough

Albertsons/SW Portland

  • Margin
    • Allowance must be 10% rule after they have taken 80% pass through
    • Will not create promo pricing off KeHE OI’s
      • Wants scan NOPA to over-lap with OI
    • 5 key initiatives from Bill Neve T2T
      1. Competitive Weekly Ads-Front Pag
      2. Real Big Deals-Weekly events/Break even
        • 19 TL
      3. Daily Deals-Hot Deals on Top Tier items. Break even
      4. Summer /shipper Show-May thru August
      5. Data-Opportunities to share with ASM’s