We grow together with our customers! Our competitive advantage is in building relationships to evolve small chains into big ones.

  • Beyond our consistent calls on with top accounts, Impact Group has a deep knowledge of the Mid Tier and Smaller DSD operators in our Markets.
  • This depth of coverage gives our team a much more holistic knowledge of the convenience market’s ever changing dynamics.
  • C-Store Chain accounts are continuing to adjust to the retail environment, but our work with the mid-tier chains and wholesalers helps us stay ahead of our competition.
  • Consolidation is continuing, however our smaller chains are also getting larger. As the market shifts we move with it.

Impact Group Convenience Team

  • Results focused capabilities
  • Tenured relationships
  • Vertical sales strategy
  • Client partnership
  • Convenience customers of all sizes
  • Client action plans with ownership outcome
  • Access to industry data
  • Industry knowledge