Who is “Califia Farms”?


Califia Farms was founded by California citrus growers Sun Pacific (growers of Cuties mandarins), who joined together with Odwalla founder, Greg Steltenpohl, to make plant-powered, healthy and delicious beverages using California’s natural bounty as their source.


The name Califia Farms (pronounced “Cal-lah-fee-ya,” like California) was inspired by the bounty of California. Califia Farms’ mission is to innovate delicious plant-powered foods for mindful nourishment. The logo is inspired by the legend of Queen Califia, the Aztec goddess of bounty and abundance who ruled over a mythical isle of warrior women. When the conquistadors found the land that would then become California, they named it after Queen Califia. The logo celebrates Queen Califia’s abundance and bounty bottled inside their products; she’s an earth-goddess, a storyteller, a mother… and they are proud to represent her through the Califia Farms logo.


At Califia Farms, sustainability while scaling has been a core value since they started the company. They have initiated a range of programs to improve their environmental footprint, from improving their packaging materials to using renewable energy, from upcycling their process-water to local agriculture to developing direct trade relationships with their growers and farmers. This ensures the growers and farmers get the best price possible for their products by cutting out the middle man.


Califia Farms prides themselves on selling to not only the mainstream retailers around the country but to small, independent retailers and natural food retailers nationwide.


Impact Group has represented Califia Farms for almost four years. Mark Francis is the national client manager for Califia with support from our business managers and SSP’s across the country. Impact is proud to represent quality products like Califia Farms!