Carl Pennington

President and Chief Executive Officer

Carl is focused – in the face of a challenge, Carl finds opportunity for creative leadership and growth. His passion and drive are two qualities that have allowed him to actively build and grow a very successful company while raising four children and coaching many of their teams alongside work. Simply put, Carl does not quit. He is a true entrepreneur with innovative ideas that create excitement and momentum amongst his team. He surrounds himself with associates that have expertise and interests outside of his own and thrives on the collaboration that results from different approaches to the same goal. Carl makes sure that he knows the faces of the Impact Group organization and takes time to connect with our associates, always encouraging them to put family first. In a fast-paced environment with rapid growth, his genuine and personal management style creates motivation and productivity within our team. Carl is constantly cultivating a forward-thinking workplace culture to lead Impact Group through a future of organic growth and acquisition expansion.

Carl finds great peace surrounded by family and friends while boating on the lake, chilling at the beach and listening to great music in the background. Carl’s inquisitive and energetic personality also leads him to take traveling adventures around the world that include hunting and bungee jumping.