Sandi Gonzales

Vice President of Marketing and Insights

Sandi Gonzales loves the grocery industry so much that she can’t imagine doing anything else, which has led to her 20-year career. She started with Albertsons in 1998 working on a Y2K project. They partied like it was 1999 (because it was) and prepared for the world to end, but thankfully everything was OK after midnight. Her education in business and technology made her a perfect fit to accept a position consulting as part of a team to revolutionize the automation of Albertsons merchandising and advertising technology platforms. Thereafter, Sandi accepted a role managing the national advertising efforts for Albertsons by developing, planning, and executing national marketing programs.

In 2006, SUPERVALU purchased Albertsons, which led Sandi to relocate to Minnesota as part of the integration team. She held various merchandising and marketing leadership roles at SUPERVALU. After 10 years in Minnesota, Sandi accepted a role with Impact Group, which allowed her to move back to her native Idaho. Currently, as the Vice President of Marketing and Insights, Sandi leads her team by focusing on three things: supporting Impact Group, supporting clients in growing their businesses through marketing and data, and helping clients navigate retailer promotional opportunities. Outside of work, Sandi enjoys hunting and fishing. These passions perhaps are a natural extension of the same instincts that drive her passion for grocery—the pursuit of nourishment in all its forms.