All buying for SuperValu Seattle, (Unified Seattle), will start winding down late December with SuperValu Tacoma to begin to build inventory with ALL BUYING OUT OF MINNEAPOLIS.

The store transitions to be supplied out of Tacoma will begin in January with competition in March with stores billed on Unified invoices. This will operate much like a cross-dock-big customer to SuperValu.
SuperValu will keep on 2 buyers to continue to order for the Portland warehouse.
SuperValu Tacoma is currently setting up non-common items to be able to supply the former Unified stores.
Former Unified stores will continue to receive products as they are today with no ABS pricing.
During the transition, promotional platforms will be separate:
  • Unified Portal
  • SuperValu Harbor
After standardization is completed by summer, they will most likely begin using just SuperValu Harbor as the one promotional platform.
All new items to be shown to the Category Managers in Tacoma as they will be deciding on the mix for the Tacoma warehouse.
After standardization is completed in the summer, the new Tacoma team will include five Category Managers (transitioning from the SuperValu Seattle headquarters) that will be taking over ALL merchandising responsibility for former Unified stores as well as SuperValu, Shoprite, and IGA’s. The five Category Managers are:
  1. Terri Townsend
  2. Jim Goodfellow
  3. Kristi Swanson
  4. Scott Plunkett, who just joined their team
  5. TBD (currently being interviewed for)
Their merchandising responsibility will be for the following Regions:
  • Tacoma
  • Portland
  • Montana
There is no common coding at this time. There has been a cross reference file created for this process.
Beginning in February, any Off Invoices (OI’s) being offered to SuperValu Seattle will need to be converted to a Ship to Store (EP) allowance. There is more information to come about this.
SuperValu will continue to have one local show per year, Sell-a-bration. EXPO will most likely be back in Minneapolis next year
They will continue with Savings at the Shelf.