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Our goal is to provide you the most effective data-driven insights to manage your business efficiently and to drive maximum sales performance.  Our Impact Group proprietary software solutions make the management of your brand a streamlined and meaningful process.


The data and analytical information we provide will give you the results you need when you need them most.

Impact Group Analysis:

  • Competitive landscape brand analysis
  • Category and brand promotional effectiveness, assortment suggestions and distribution recommendations.
  • Forecasting and projections of existing and new item sales
  • Category trends and timely analysis of new up and coming “hot” brands/topics
  • Recommended store locations for in store trial and demos

Our tools put to use:

A client was looking for new packaging options and turned to our analytics team to research what other brands used. Our team found 98% of brands use a cardboard box.

There are two small segments that had growing trends:

  • Cardboard canisters
  • Glass or plastic jars

We discovered 42% of brands have a 20 count item. The size group with the highest growth rate is 16 count.

PinnSights delivers information and insights-centric solutions to the retail industry. The information is delivered through a technology platform that houses, analyzes and mines data and provides a user interface to multiple data sources that drive decision-making in a retail environment.


Pinnsights Online Analytics

As a PinnSights client, you have access to:

  • A tool that merges syndicated POS scan data & custom category hierarchies together
  • The ability to increase sales, retailer face-time, efficiencies, and turns while decreasing cost and inventory
  • An experienced analytical team and online collaboration
  • Proactive reporting and intuitive data analysis with interactive charts
  • Key partnerships that give you an inside track to the retail industry
  • Your own login with access to data online 24/7