Lease up on Seattle DC-April 2018

  • Reducing inventories now with store transitions to begin January
  • Grocery out of Tacoma
  • Same promotional process-different shipping location
  • Market Centre Dry to Portland DC
  • GM from Portland to Stockton

No more OI’s after February

  • Can do 2 different EP-1’s

Promo handling fee going to 11.3% in April 2018

Western Family Label to be replaced by SV Private Label by September 2018

Distribution Center Efficiency Fee

  • Effective with Dec. 2017 shipments, billing to start January 2018
  • Fee Structure based on case movement by DC:
  • Top 5% fastest moving skus = $.03 per case
  • Middle 70% moving skus = $.08 per case
  • Bottom 25 slowest moving skus = $.12 per case

New Item Set up Fee:

  • $1,500 per sku per DC – charged each time a new SV code is activated
  • Includes new items, pallets, shippers, conversions

New Store/Remodels/Retail Activity

  • Fair Share Billing .003% of Vendor net sales-Semi Annual
  • Third Party